We support local farmers & Fair Trade

Our fresh fare and packaged goods come from local farmers and carefully sourced companies whose missions parallel ours.

We are also keen to bring fair trade products. That's why we always make sure to consult our friends at Fair Trade Calgary- a group that supports better prices, decent working conditions, environmental standards and fair terms of trade for producers.

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We offer attractive group discounts

Come in a group, sign up for our service, and get a very attractive group discount. Neighbors or coworkers?! it doesn't matter... What matters is that you will get an attractive permanent discount and we will get the privilege of delivering our fresh produce and products right to your doors.

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Get $20 off your first order

Buy a $50 box of good-for-you real food and we’ll give you $20 off! Delivery is free. And the food is fantastic. Order today!

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If it came from a plant, eat it; If it was made in a plant, don’t.

~ Michael Pollan